Episode 3 – NYE OAPs and MP3s

Get ready for more of the free-wheeling music chat from your hosts Ed, Will and Sam.

Jumping straight in with a lesson for Will in New Year’s Eve activities for the over 30s, Jools Holland and the hootenanny gets a look in.

Love podcasts as much as we do? We have recommendations for you, including Radio Wolfgang, Meat and Dairy Network and lots more.

Would you choose the red or blue pill? We picked neither, preferring a fist pumping Propellerheads track from classic sci-fi movie The Matrix. Bet this gets you head-nodding where ever you are listening.

We’ve got Radiohead on guitars, Jonnie Cash and his Ring of Fire, a vinyl love-in, and we ponder whether PJ Harvey is our Dorset neighbour.

And controversial topic of the day: is it time to bin your CDs and move over to streaming instead? Have your say on Twitter or Facebook.

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Episode 3 - NYE OAPs and MP3s

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