Episode 5 – The Lost Episode

Thought to have been lost shortly after the recording in the autumn of 2017, this classic edition was recently rediscovered at the back of the Sonic Yarns store cupboard.  This is real Indiana Jones treasure-hunter stuff, folks!

In this episode,  regular hosts Ed, Will and Sam take you through recent (ish!) gigs and musical adventures.

Will has been hanging out with Australian metal band Twelve Foot Ninja and shows us his finest Ozzie accent too boot, eh mate! There’s a big old group hug for Bonono as we ask ‘do really span the intergenerational gap’? And WFT is the inter-generational gap anyway?

Ed gives a run-down review of a couple of UK music festivals. Friends of the show The Fox and Owl played the south-UK fest produced by Danny of Arkadia Events – you should follow them here on Facebook and Instagram.

All these goodies plus loads of tune talk, tales and chuckles from the gang.

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Episode 5 - The Lost Episode

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